Based on personal experience, interviews and discussions with nannies in Paris, this article is an insight into the secret lives of those who work in the industry of cheap child care. It also takes a look at the behaviour of the bourgeois families who employ them. Amongst such families, are ones so typically aristocratic that […]

For the man of many passions, food, dancing and music; each element of life overlaps. His work-life is also his social life, and the rules of dancing and cooking parallel the laws of living. Matias de Valentino Alsina deftly navigates social circles, as well as the dance floor, his DJ decks and the restaurant where […]

There is an idea of the Parisians that often gets thrown around casual conversation; that they are snobbish, condescending, and rude. But if you take a look at the true inhabitants of the city, you see that not a single one is exactly the same. And even if the stereotype does get drawn from reality, it evokes a type of Parisian that […]